Mr. Black

The most infamous Hacker of his time is pulled from retirement when it's learned he may hold the secrets to true artificial life.


Stats To Come.


Mr. Black was a Shadowrunner like any other. He paid his dues on the streets of Seattle, grew a score of connections and made a lot more enemies. After filtering several million nuyen from the Corporate Council, Mr. Black went into hiding, fearing the retribution for his actions. But Mr. Black carried with him a strange foresight, and made a deal with EVO to secure a place in the future of all metahuman-kind. It was at that particular moment that the next Crash hit the Matrix. Mr. Black was reborn. With a mixture of EVO’s gene therapy, Mr. Black became an Otaku; a Technomancer. After scouring the bones of the old Matrix for all the knowledge it had left, he helped create the new Wireless World. With his authority and responsibility at EVO growing almost daily, he saw an opportunity to change his fate, and the fate of the world.

He began the Genesis Project. To those who worked under him it was simply ‘Project Zero’. Fearing this new technology, EVO went to great lengths to stifle Black’s research, eventually hiring Shadowrunners to snuff out several key elements of his network. Enraged, Black went on a killing spree, using his power within the Matrix to burn out several key EVO executives. The kill order came in no time, and Mr. Black was put on ice. He was kept frozen for many years until it was deemed necessary to thaw him out, and use his particular set of skills once more.

Mr. Black was awoken with EVO’s new cloning technology. His memory erased, he was little more than a puppet. He would be used to try and destroy another mistake created by EVO; Maelstrom. The ‘Son’ of an AI spawned from the Renraku Archaeology Shutdown. But Mr. Black was slowly regaining his memories, and biding his time until he could rediscover his true purpose…

Mr. Black

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